Coastside Nurseries

Coastside for Flower Lovers, Nurseries, Shops and Gardens

If you love flowers, and are going to the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure you visit the Coastside. Where else can you find a nursery that plays opera music to thousands of flowering plants?

Here the nurseries enjoy an ideal climate, the beauty of the Coastside and the tradition of growing beautiful gardens year-round. A town that celebrates spring with annual flowering plants, summer with thousands of roses and a pumpkin festival in the fall, Half Moon Bay and the surrounding areas provide year-round entertainment for plant lovers, shoppers of fine produce, flower gardeners and those who appreciate fields of pumpkin, flowers and Christmas trees.

For visitors seeking entertainment there are gardens throughout the city with interesting plantings, landscape features and architecture. An orchid grower, a rose grower, many produce stands and the famous opera playing nursery line highway 92 entering Half Moon Bay from the east.

There are horseback riding stables, restaurants, plenty of open country fields and stunning scenery on highway 1 coming from the north. In town, there are several places to buy flowers, shop for plants or garden art. The Coastside provides visitors with the finest in San Francisco gardening experiences. By Jack McKinnon

The Garden Coach