Sell Used Books

Sell used books online to Coastside community members. Here are 3 simple steps:

  1. Apply for a vendor account (free for coastside residents; non-resident monthly ad fee)
  2. Create your online store and upload your book inventory
  3. Contact buyer for delivery/payment arrangements

1) Apply for a vendor account with Coastside Online

Fill out this form to apply for a Vendor Coastside Online account. This will allow you to create an online store where you can post used books for sale online. New accounts are approved in 24 hours. Please read our terms and conditions to understand our used book sale policy.

2) Upload your book inventory

Upload individual used books online using your Coastside Online account product's page. Please review the Coastside Online Product Listing Guidelines before adding new products.

3) Contact buyer for delivery/payment arrangements

Payment for used books sold directly to buyers happen by appointment between seller and buyer independently from Coastside Online. We request that sellers remove sold books from inventory online.